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I’ve had the privilege, over the past thirty years, of helping highly iNtuitive clients build conscious business successes and make self-honoring life transitions. Through all of that time, though, I have longed to be able to serve iNtuitive women who could not afford my pricey client fees. Sparkle School is the answer to my prayers! As a member of the Wise Women Sparkle Team I help provide a deep, rich journey of self-actualization, that is not only affordable, but much more effective than one-on-one coaching, because it takes place in a community of supportive, iNtuitive, kindred spirits. Indeed, even our business model is just that! Together, we have broken every rule of ‘good-old-boy-business-as-usual’ by prioritizing open-heartedness, celebrating our unique differences, and fostering an atmosphere where patience and persistence allow for truly ‘inspired action.’


I guess you could say I’m a collage artist at heart, crafting together diverse methods for personal growth and achievement, from many different dimensions of life. Earning a degree in fine art, gave me the basics of creativity that truly distinguish Sparkle School from all other personal growth processes. As a professional musician, I experienced flow, rhythm and collaboration, all key ingredients of a harmonious, yet electrified life. Through a life long study of philosophy, psychology, and spiritual systems, I know how the heart and the mind come together to foster purpose-driven ‘self-evolution’. In coaching corporate founders and CEO’s, I’ve seen the power of strategic planning, leadership development, and work-life integration, all essential pieces for a self-satisfied life.

And now, I am so very excited to invite each and every reader of this short bio, to explore the collage of a lifetime, Sparkle School, where we fan the spark within you into what I can only imagine will be an eternal flame!meet-the-sparkle-school-team


As I look back over the past 70 plus years of my life, I would have to say it has not followed a linear and logical pattern.  Instead, it has been a quest, a gradual unfolding and understanding of who I truly am. Now, I can see that all the threads of my searching and the explorations I’ve undertaken are culminating in this most exciting time of life. I have come to acknowledge and embrace not only the gnarly and more challenging aspects of my humanity, but also have discovered, among other feelings, those of deep love, joy and a youthful enthusiasm for life. The more that I learn and open to be more fully expressed, the more I feel committed to support others in their unique process of becoming.


I am a licensed counselor, working with children, families and adults. The disciplines I’ve incorporated into my work include Energy Psychology, EFT, and Art Therapy. Most recently I completed an advanced certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy, which is a natural extension of my interests in music, acting and writing. I find that drawing, journaling, and drama are powerful and safe tools for encouraging and enhancing personal expression.

I am excited and honored to be a member of the Sparkle team, and am involved in several aspects of our efforts to reach a larger audience of women. I assist with marketing campaigns, contribute to the on-going redesign of our curriculum, and facilitate one of our weekly community calls. Together we are committed to helping other women find and nurture their unique voices and realize their gifts so that they may become more fully expressed and empowered in their lives, benefiting not only themselves but all those with whom they interact.

A little over 5 years ago I was invited to join Sparkle School which through its curriculum and weekly community calls has deepened not only my personal growth but also my professional work. Sparkle School asks the questions that have supported my desire to delve more deeply inward, and to become more fully expressed in all areas of my life. Although there are many ways that I have benefited from my association with Sparkle School, I will share two.

First, several years ago, after being alone for 22 years, I was introduced to a wonderful man. I believe that Sparkle School has been instrumental in enhancing my ability to express my feelings and needs, in an ever deepening loving and meaningful relationship for the first time in my life. Miracles do happen!

Secondly, my world has expanded both personally and professionally, as I am learning to give voice and attention to the younger child self within me, my “inner child”.  In my personal and professional work, as well as, within our exploration in Sparkle School, I am opening to the many ways that my “inner child” is enriching and expanding my world in all areas. As a result, I am finding my voice as a more fully expressed, empowered and, hopefully, wiser woman. meet-the-sparkle-school-team


I am a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer originally from Phoenix Arizona who now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. In my late forties, I took a leap of faith and moved to Vegas to continue my decades long music career … unheard of, right? I became a vocalist and bass player for Cash Presley, which some have called a “hard-livin’, big-rockin’ country-lovin‘ band”. I’ve loved being a musician, playing for large audiences in Vegas, sharing stages with famous rock stars like Alice Cooper and Meatloaf, and recording and touring with my own music.


I would never have been able to live my bold “outside of the box” life without the tools and mindset I’ve gained from Sparkle School.” After decades of working with Sparkle School tools and being part of the wise women community, I now augment my music career by contributing to Sparkle School as a system operator/trainer and call facilitator. The weekly community calls continue to help me grow and gain new insights which I fold into my performances, my song-writing and my whole life. meet-the-sparkle-school-team


My wisdom years are bringing to me the awareness of what I have gathered energetically, physically and mentally throughout my challenging and rich life. The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Goddess studies and Riane Eisler’s Partnership Way theories have been of interest to me. Just after my 70th birthday I achieved my BA in Communications, designing my own course of studies.


I have experienced marriage, motherhood, grandparenthood, even, great-grandparenthood and subsequently returned to the business world. Partnering in two separate clothing ventures, honoring the importance of life’s transitions. I partnered in developing two separate programs teaching life skills to middle school aged girls and founded The Crone’s House, a recognition of the last stage of a woman’s life.

Arriving in my ninth decade signified for me a new journey. A national program melded into a finely woven tapestry the awareness of my gift of listening intuitively and out of that awareness the desire to share with others the richness of what I have trained to be  —  a Life Coach.

Gandolfa brings to Sparkle School, nearly ninety years of wisdom gained over a lifetime. Everyone who hears her voice on community calls feels both enchanted and validated by her warm, generous presence. She is a valued facilitator of breakout groups, a contributor to on-going curriculum updates and revisions, and a tireless mentor and guide. meet-the-sparkle-school-team


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