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Our ‘Original Founders’

Introducing the amazing women who helped get Sparkle School started!


I’ve had the privilege, over the past thirty years, of helping clients build conscious business successes and make self-honoring life transitions. Through all of that time, though, I have longed to be able to serve women who could not afford my pricey client fees. Sparkle School is the answer to my prayers! My five brilliant collaborators and I provide a deep, rich journey of self-actualization, that is not only affordable, but much more effective than one-on-one coaching, because it takes place in what I can best describe as a tribe of wise women. Indeed, even our business model is just that! Together, we have broken every rule of ‘good-old-boy-business-as-usual’ by prioritizing open-heartedness, celebrating our unique differences, and fostering an atmosphere where patience and persistence allow for truly ‘inspired action.’


I guess you could say I’m a collage artist at heart, crafting together diverse methods for personal growth and achievement, from many different dimensions of life. Earning a degree in fine art, gave me the basics of creativity that truly distinguish Sparkle School from all other personal growth processes. As a professional musician, I experienced flow, rhythm and collaboration, all key ingredients of a harmonious, yet electrified life. Through a life long study of philosophy, psychology, and spiritual systems, I know how the heart and the mind come together to foster purpose-driven ‘self-evolution’. In coaching corporate founders and CEO’s, I’ve seen the power of strategic planning, leadership development, and work-life integration, all essential pieces for a self-satisfied life.

And now, I am so very excited to invite each and every reader of this short bio, to explore the collage of a lifetime, Sparkle School, where we fan the spark within you into what I can only imagine will be an eternal flame!meet-the-sparkle-school-team


Anjuli Morse, is a Gen Y business rainmaker, serial entrepreneur, and Sparkle School participant. She started her first company at the age of 19, and as a marketing strategist and social media expert, has seeded the launches of 12 businesses in a variety of industries during her 11-year


When I’m not pondering the big questions of existence, such as where’s the nearest Starbucks, I’m a therapist who has been in private practice since 2003 and in the field of human development since the early 1990’s.

As a therapist, my role is to be a travel guide and midwife for my clients as they navigate the sacred territory of their heart and soul, then access and reclaim their own internal resources and unique identity. In particular, I specialize in working with trauma, big and small caused from catastrophic life threatening events like 9/11 or neglect or abuse from childhood. Truthfully, we all get waylaid in childhood in some way or another. It’s amazing, though, to witness people get back on the path of being who they’re truly meant to be.


I’m also a bonafide nerd who regularly reads everything I can get my hands on from neurobiology to vamp novels. I keep trying to put the pieces of the big picture together, the pieces of who I am and what is the meaning of my life, not ina perfectionistic way, but one of open wonder, curiosity, and a bit of SherlockHolmes.

As a younger woman, I thought I was wired differently and wanted to understand myself and my place in the world so that I could feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to be like everyone else, to fit in, and belong or I wanted to at least be able to answer the important questions of being. But it neverworked out that way. And not fitting in, was the greatest gift of my life. I began to realize I couldn’t rely on someone else to tell me who I am. I had to figure it out for myself. And I did. As a result, I believe in taking a passionate risk for something I truly believe in. After thirty plus years of diligent searching, I’ve learned to manage my emotions, listen and follow my heart and intuition and to keep my thinking brain online.

To me, It’s a miracle we exist at all – so let’s celebrate and pay attention to what makes our hearts sing and feel most fully alive. We’re going to have different songs to sing – that’s great! Really! So stop being afraid of being different. The planet needs us to be ourselves but not in some kind of lonely isolation, rather to use our differences in tandem for the big good that is for you, me, us and everyone. I want my life to make a difference. To live with no regrets and to leave the world better than I found it. My kind of muscle and passion is not to climb Mt. Everest but to give myself to living fully, not just for me, but for the ripple effect on the big human collective that is we. And, I’d like to inspire others to do the same.

I’m happy to report that much of my work with individuals and families is successful. But it just isn’t enough. So here I am working to create and get Sparkle School out in the world. I truly believe Sparkle School has the potential to change the world from the inside (of you) to the outside (your true beauty lighting the world). I know that’s a big claim. I don’t think Sparkle School is the only way, but truly a very good way. Here’s the challenge, whether it’s Sparkle School or another path, or Sparkle School and another path, if you want the experience of a lifetime, really get to know and love yourself, then, seriously, become your own guru, and look inside.

In Sparkle School we’ve done the work of asking the questions, you only have to find YOUR answers. Here’s to celebrating your very own, open hearted adventure! And, I do believe that love can change the world, just saying.
Much love, big love,
Debra xo. meet-the-sparkle-school-team


I am a mom. A very grateful, adoring mom of 3 unbelievably amazing boys. Before I became a mom, I became a wife to the most incredible man I have ever known. Before that, I studied at the University of Arizona, and graduated with an Interdisciplinary Degree in Marketing, Communication and Spanish. That lead to a few years in Corporate America, where I felt completely lost, disconnected and depressed. I knew there had to be more to this one precious life I was living. Idiscovered the most brilliant solution on a road less traveled and often misunderstood by most. That didn’t deter me.


I listened to my heart above all other voices because it always knows the way. Seeing success and experiencing true abundance of time and money, my mom and I felt compelled to share our story. So we wrote a book. Now two books. Talking about living life on your own terms lights me up. It fuels me. Which is why I became so passionate about Sparkle School. I have never had anyone else’s answers, so this is the tool I can use and share, knowing it works, every time. I don’t have your answers, but you do. How awesome is that?! It’s just about knowing the way to access your own answers. It’s easy, but not simple. That’s what Sparkle School is for. To take out the complicated process of “finding yourself.” That’s why I love it.

As a student I started listening to my heart again, hearing the whisper of my own truth. It’s been transformative. Trusting myself again. Wow. The journey is not done in a day, but rather done daily. Each day brings new thoughts, new ideas, new shifts in perspective. What began as a dream in Sparkle School has now manifested into a yoga studio for kids. The Lighthouse was fueled by my passion for kids and yoga, and really, a knowing that peace within is the most powerful tool for creating change in the world. I know the best is yet to come, so I listen, trust and allow it to perfectly unfold. I am a constantly evolving being who craves connection, lives and breathes freedom, ponders new possibilities, and loves all things family, health, yoga, ocean and fun. 🙂
xo, Lory meet-the-sparkle-school-team


I’m a “truth seeker”…
I am passionate about finding clarity in any situation where people are divided. Clarity enlightens and gives us the ability to discern situations for ourselves. Clarity brings understanding. My obsession for clarity is what inspired a book that my daughter and I co-authored called, The Flip Flop CEO. It’s about a commonly misunderstood topic that has caused great divisiveness among families, friends, and our society at large. It’s the subject of network marketing. The challenges of our own experience as a mother and daughter with opposing views about this business model left my daughter and I knowing that we had to share what we’d learned with others.


Having been on both sides of that argument has made me extremely compassionate for all concerned. I went from being the biggest skeptic on the planet to being one of network marketing’s greatest advocates. I had confused my perception of the truth, with reality. The challenge with being an innovator is that you see something ahead of everyone else. Being in that situation can cause a lot of rejection and self-doubt. Something most people can’t take for very long.

After watching the same scenario happen over and over and again I was determined to find some kind of solution. The reoccurring theme was the inability to trust one’s own heart above all other voices. Because of their lack of self-trust, I watched too many people give their power away to others. I knew there had to be some way to help people really value their gut feelings more. But I had no idea what to do or where to begin. I was on a mission to find the answers. They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears and that’s exactly what happened. Shayla Roberts and I had met about ten years prior at a networking event. At the time, we seemed to be on completely different professional paths. Shayla was a business coach to successful male entrepreneurs and I was in network marketing. Then, about six years later we were reconnected. While attending a Jack Canfield conference Shayla was introduced to some gals in network marketing. As she got to know them, her expertise as a coach helped her recognize an important common trait of both an entrepreneur and a network marketer: The ability to honor and trust one’s own intuition. As it turns out, Shayla’s curriculum development and work with Fortune 500 businessmen had helped her to master the science behind this critical component to success in both entrepreneurs and successful network marketers. As a result of our serendipitous reunion Sparkle School was born.

After searching for an effective way to support women in network marketing to step into their greatness, we are thrilled to introduce these incredible resources to our profession. What we’ve discovered through this journey is that while the art of listening to and trusting our intuition is a must for women in our profession, it is also an essential component for any woman who wants to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. We’ve made Sparkle School extremely affordable so that it’s accessible to women of all “ages and stages” of life who are ready to start living a more sparkly life!For the past three and a half years, Lory and I have been students of Sparkle School ourselves. We can speak from our own experience that it works! Sparkle School isn’t something you do; it’s something you take in. It’s a process of integration that transforms you into a more authentic version of