Why Sparkle School?

Why should you

Choose Sparkle School?

We get it. You’re busy. You have bills to pay, mouths to feed, you just started that 30-day challenge, there are kids to drop off and pick up, you’ve got family coming into town, oh yeah and you just started redoing your family room… Seriously! How could you even squeeze another thing in?

This might sound crazy but…

Why not just forget about the ‘how’? (for now). Just throw logistics out the window and take a sec to consider how you feel.

Sparkle School was created for iNtuitive women who who want to be seen heard and understood in a Sensate world.


Yay, you’ve made your way to this page of our website, and that suggests there’s a very good chance that Sparkle School is just the place for you to consider. All of our offerings are custom-designed for a very special segment of the population; women, who take in information using our iNtuition, or sixth sense, rather than relying mostly, on the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, as the majority of people who are Sensing types do.

Women with iNtuitive personality types comprise only about 20 to 30% of the female population, but you’re individual type is likely to be 1 to 7%. Yes, we are somewhat ‘rare,’ so maybe it’s not surprising that we are also somewhat ‘invisible’ to our Sensing brothers and sisters. It has been surprising, though, to learn that many of us go through life being strangely invisible, even to ourselves. Here’s why!

First, we are part of every race, religion, and sexual preference, so we’re not easy to spot from external appearance. Second, because we are invisible to the culture we share with Sensing types, we do not receive the cultural acknowledgment and support we need to fully identify and understand ourselves, to share our unique expressions, and to celebrate our rare form of intelligence.

If Sparkle School is for you, you feel it … you know it deep down … there just has to be an approach to life that is a better fit for an iNtuitive woman like you … and you’re right. Believe it or not, the ingenious, iNtuitive little girl you thought you left behind in your childhood is alive and well, inside of you. And guess what… that little tug you’re feeling right now in your gut, is telling you that she’s ready to loosen the veil that has been hiding her innate, iNtuitive Sparkle!



Sparkle School provides a one-of-a-kind experience in ‘un-schooling,’ where iNtuitive personality types ‘un-learn’ the self-limiting beliefs we have unwittingly adopted, as we’ve tried to fit into a Sensing world. We access, collect, and use information in a way that is very different from that of Sensing types, gaining valuable insights about important things from ‘data points’ that attract our individual attention, based on our individual curiosity and sense of purpose.

We are often reluctant to share our insights because they are so often misunderstood, dismissed, or overtly belittled. Sparkle School helps us understand how this happens, and why, which inspires a huge ‘reveal’ when it comes to our ability to identify who we truly are, to own our rare gifts, and to share them productively with the world. Sparkle School combines a number of diverse elements that stimulate that huge ‘reveal’… a kaleidoscope of possibilities and options from which each woman chooses the pieces that work best for her. These elements include:

sign up sparkle A society of courageous iNtuitive women who want to be fully self-identifying, self-defined, self-honoring, and self-expressed, but with a generosity of spirit towards others.

sign up sparkle A sisterhood of kindred spirits who share an innate, iNtuitive language, by phone and social media.

sign up sparkle A social support network of open-hearted teachers, healers, and learners who help each other claim full ‘voice’ in a Sensing world.

sign up sparkle A circle of wise, surrogate mother figures, who ‘re-parent’ ourselves and each other, healing wounds we suffered as iNtuitive little girls growing up in a world that could not fully understand, or adequately nurture us.

sign up sparkle An individual journey of self-discovery that happens within the safety and support of a rare, like-minded community.

sign up sparkle A learning lab for exploring surprising models, systems, and theories that combine to create fresh, personal insights.

sign up sparkle A curriculum composed of practical, experiential self-reflection tools, downloadable from the member’s only section of this website.

sign up sparkle A system of phone-based ‘classes’ where we receive and share our personal growth insights.

sign up sparkle A private Facebook learning group, where thought-provoking questions for each community call are posted.

sign up sparkle A source for one-on-one sessions with seasoned Sparkle School mentors.



Okay, so how do you know when you’re ready for Sparkle School?

Well, first and foremost we suggest you take the Sparkle Readiness Quiz. It was designed as a first step!

But truly, you will know you’re ready, when listening to your own voice above all others becomes your best option; when you’re ready to create new possibilities and change how you show up in the world; when you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel and create massive shifts within yourself; when you’re ready to live in ease and grace, and stop thinking small!

For some of us, that time is now. For others, it may be later… or never. Just keep in mind that it is completely normal for breakthrough feelings of self-awareness to be coupled with other, self-limiting, feelings. So, you might be thinking something like: “This feels impossible, out of reach, too much to take on,” or even, “This won’t work for someone like me.”

Anytime we dare to step out on a skinny branch and try something new, we risk reactivating all of the cautions we’ve picked up from the world around us … a Sensing culture that tends to be concerned with how things have always been done in the past. We iNtuitive women are future-oriented, possibility thinkers. When we decide it is time to trust our dreams and visions, it helps a lot to surround ourselves with other women who are breaking free from the limitations of the past.



Come for a few months, or come for a few years! Sparkle School is totally self-guided, which means you can do it at your own pace, at your convenience, in a completely virtual setting. That means you get to sparkle in the privacy of your own little space in the world… Skip the traffic. No need to get dressed. No travel expenses. Come as you are.


So… Why start? Why Sparkle? Why now?
Why not a 6-week course or weekend seminar or coaching? Why not put your head down and plow through? Well, for starters, if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you will most definitely continue to get what you’ve always gotten. And sure, maybe that’s okay… but we suspect it might not be. And we SO get it!

We used to be just like you… Barely even able to imagine what it would be like to no longer be run by the demands and expectations of everyone in your life (bosses, family, friends, kids, neighbors, blah blah blah). Always left wondering, at the end of yet another loooooong day, what it would be like to be one of ‘those women’ and what it would feel like to float through the challenges of the everyday grind from an authentic place of ease and grace. Well woman, this is your chance! THIS is the sign you’ve been waiting for and all you have to decide now is…

Are you ready to become who you really are?