What is Sparkle?

Remember that feeling?

That’s your Sparkle.

At Sparkle School, we are passionate about helping women everywhere find that Sparkle within… but what exactly do we mean when we talk about Sparkle? We mean THIS:

sign up sparkle Sparkle is the sense of wonder, curiosity and unfettered openness that we experience as children and often forget or lose as grown-ups.

sign up sparkle Sparkle is where you knowingly look at the possibilities that exist for the little girl inside you, then integrate her energy into alignment with your strong, wise adult self.

sign up sparkle Sparkle is the glow that shines from the inside-out, as a result of self-awareness, self-mastery, self-love, self-trust. 

sign up sparkle Sparkle makes the very cells of your body dance, lights up your eyes and skin, and wakes up your brain and body to all the possibilities and choices that are present in every moment, giving you the inner jolt of energy and motivation you need to make things happen.

sign up sparkle Sparkle reminds you to get up, brush yourself off, look around, and keep going in the right direction for you.

sign up sparkle Sparkle is being in tune with your own life force and living with the awareness and expression of your own precious life in an intentional way that fully embodies your possibilities of self expression.  There are still uncertainties, hang-ups, bad ideas, but with Sparkle you don’t stay stuck.

sign up sparkle Sparkle is the experience of life bubbling up from the depths of your being, like a laughing little brook, a tickly champagne bubble or a little electrical surge that makes you sit up and pay attention to who you are and what is happening within and around you.

sign up sparkle Sparkle is when you feel your heart sing and your breath awestruck.  Just being aware of how amazing it is to be alive can do the trick, if you’re tuned in.

So remember that little girl that literally gushed with all of the possibilities of Sparkle?  Sparkle School is where you learn to bring your best self to life and then, you will leave a glittery trail of power-sparkles everywhere you go.