Sparkle Readiness Quiz

Are you ready to Sparkle?! Take the Quiz.

This spiffy quiz was designed to help you better understand how ready you are to enter the glittering realm of Sparkle School! We believe that taking a different approach in your personal and professional life requires some authentic readiness; this quiz is just one more way for you to gauge whether Sparkle School is the right choice for you at this time! Here are a few quick tips before you get started…

No wrong answers.

It’s important to keep in mind that this questionnaire is preference-based, meaning there are zero right or wrong answers. Be careful not to get into “analysis paralysis” with your responses, as often times your first response is most accurate. Go with your gut!

Take your time.

It’s best to complete this in a non-interrupted environment, where you can relax and take your time. Simply read each statement and indicate how frequently it’s true for you, by checking one of the boxes to the right.

PS: Your info is safe with us!

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