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The S-P-A-R-K-L-E Curriculum

A series of self-mastery education exercises designed especially for iNtuitive personality types, to be completed at your own pace.

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Community Conversations

Community Conversation calls to connect with other Sparkle School womento share self-reflection in a safe environment.

Sparkle community conversations are held:

  • Tuesday call:  9:00 am Pacific Time (Please adjust for Arizona time)
  • Thursday call:  5:30 pm Pacific Time (Pleae adjust for Arizona time)

Register for one or more weekly calls  (And stay tuned, because we have more calls coming soon!)

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Social Support

Participation in the private Sparkle School Facebook learning group.

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Members-Only Access

Your unique username and password grants you access to your exercises, community conversations scheduler, and lots of helpful resources.

What you’re committing to:

As part of your Sparkle School journey, you’ll want to tune into:


  1. Participate

    sign up sparkle In at least one weekly, one-hour community conversation.

  2. Commit

    sign up sparkleTo about an hour per week to complete your sparkle exercise.

  3. Make it yours

    sign up sparkle The Sparkle School experience is an in-depth process that is truly transformative, and can take up to a year to complete… but the timing is totally up to you, girl, because this is your process of growth and change!

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