Sparkle School Lingo


The stuff we say.

Sparkle School has a language all its own, and you can pretty much count on hearing a term or two that you won’t understand at first.

We’ve outlined some of our most commonly used terms below, so make sure you come here first if you can’t figure out what the heck we’re talking about. Don’t worry though! In no time, you’ll relax into our custom language.

Sparkle Voice

This is the internal voice of iNtuition and possibility that lives within us. For most iNtuitive personality types, this part of ourselves has been masked by the majority of voices in our culture, which are those of Sensing personality types. You can think of your Sparkle voice as coming from the whole, healthy, fully creative, iNtuitive part of you. It is the purest, most authentic, part of your being. It’s important to remember though, that just as a sparkle is sometimes hard to see, your Sparkle voice can be hard to hear, at first. It might be as silent as a thought, or as shy as a whisper. In Sparkle School we learn to amplify that Sparkle voice so that it speaks louder than other less helpful voices.

You Are Here Map

A map to help you identify exactly where you are in your own process of growth and change. It serves as a gauge to check in with how you’re feeling in any given moment and to become more aware of the choices that are available rather than continuing to operate on autopilot. Awareness gives us the opportunity to choose to be different in any situation in every area of our lives.


Living in a state of “doing” means that we are externally focused. We are staying busy and are focused on accomplishments. It’s all the stuff we fill our lives with like, working hard; paying mortgages, starting new hobbies, starting new relationships…you know the drill.


“Becoming” is the art of discovering who we really are. It’s a process of focusing internally to discover the true you, deep-down, without all of the external expectations surrounding you. “Becoming” is what you do in moments when you shut out all the external influences and really focus on finding your authentic sparkle.

Seven Sparkle Dna Qualities

In Sparkle School we believe that everyone is born with seven core qualities that contribute to living a fully expressed and fulfilled life. These are the seven Dna qualities of SPARKLE:

S – Self-Investing
P – Patiently Risk-Ready
A – Actively Resilient
R – Radiantly Self-Confident
K – Keenly Self-Directed
L – Lovingly Purpose-Prompted
E – Effortlessly Passion-Powered

These seven qualities become dulled and over-ridden by the programming of our Sensate schools and society. One of the main goals of Sparkle School is to reawaken and strengthen these qualities that are naturally alive and well in most highly successful entrepreneurs (many of whom dropped out of standard schools early.)

Inner Wise Woman

Think of this as a name for the part of you that has been gaining wisdom over the years, and is ready now to nurture and soothe your wounded, iNtuitive, inner child.

Inner Child

Think of ‘inner child’ as a name for the original, innocent, iNtuitive part of you that was born into this world. Because she was sensitive, and perhaps, as an iNtuitive, too complex to be readily understood by others, she is likely to have been injured or suppressed by negative childhood experiences.

Drama Queen Roles

These are the various roles that we all play in our interactions with other people. We first learn to play these roles as a child in our interactions with our family. We often play out different roles depending upon the people we are with and the circumstances we are in. Learning to recognize the characteristics of these roles allow us to shift into a more constructive version of the role we find ourselves in. The roles are:

  • Victim: “It’s not my fault. I can’t do anything about it.”
  • Becomes a Problem Solver: “I know I can solve this problem.”
  • Persecutor: “My way or the highway.”
  • Becomes a Structurer: “How can I help with this situation?”
  • Rescuer: “You can’t do it yourself; you need me to do it for you.”
  • Becomes a Tough Love, Nurturer: “You can do it, and I believe in you.”

Perfect Practice

Perfect Practice involves incorporating into your daily life, things that bring you joy. You commit to daily practice, but in a mood of ‘create-and-adjust’. Simple examples might include playing music in the background while you do yard work, lighting a scented candle, hanging sparkly lights around your house, or having fresh flowers sitting on the desk where you pay your bills. It could involve making a commitment to yourself to do yoga or walking on a regular basis. Most importantly, it needs to be perfect for you. No ‘shoulds’, no self-judgment!

The Reset

The Reset is a process that teaches you to immediately shift your thinking or feeling pattern. In particular it can immediately shift fear and doubt about the worst possible outcome of a situation, into the very different possibility of what might be the best possible outcome. Another way to think of this tool is that it puts you in the driver’s seat of your thoughts and emotions. It teaches you to create a picture of what you do want, rather than fretting about what you don’t want.

Core Values

Core values are the non-negotiables in your life, the things that matter most to you. They are completely unique to you, values that come with you into this world … the values you use as your compass to move you closer and closer to a life that you are in love with.

Ease and Grace

This is your “optimal operating state”! Ease and grace have you effortlessly making deliberate choices and courageous moves that are aligned with your core values. When you are in a state of ease and grace your actions feel inspired and things just seem to fall into place easily and naturally.