Sparkle FAQ

Sparkle FAQ

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Below we’ve outlined some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Sparkle school. Take a peek, click the “+” next to the question to see the answer, and if you don’t see your question listed below, just drop us a line. We want you to feel totally confident and empowered in your choice to start (or not to start) Sparkle School, so ask away!

What is Sparkle School?

Sparkle School is a personal empowerment program for women with iNtuitive personality type. We ‘meet’ virtually for a one-hour community call every week to receive new content, discuss self reflection tools we’re working on, and share personal insights and ah-ha’s. Tools are available to download in the Member’s section of the website. Each self relection takes about an hour to complete. There are about 50 self reflection tools in the Sparkle curriculum. There are no gurus or magic cures, no prescriptions or egos, just maps, tools, and lenses (aka exercises) to help you to understand why you may have felt invisible most of your life, and finally get seen, heard, and understood in a Sensing world.

What does my monthly membership include?

Your monthly membership includes:

  1. The S-P-A-R-K-L-E curriculum with about 50 downloadable self reflection tools designed especially for iNtutive women to be completed at your own pace.
  2. At least one weekly community call to connect with other iNtuitve women, share experiences of the program, and collaborate on self reflections.
  3. iNtuitive Conversations! If you are not currently registered for iNtuitive Conversations, you can Register Here.
  4. Participation in the Sparkle Experience private Facebook learning group.

What's in the curriculum toolkit?

  1. The S of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask, “Are you truly ready to invest time and energy to get reacquainted with who you really are at your core? Where should you start? What do you dare to dream? What do you know about your Sparkle Dna? How aware are you, of the things that are most important to you? How committed are you ready to be … to your Sparkle School journey?”
  2. The P of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask; “Are you risk-ready when it comes to setting aside the “drama” roles we all learned as children, in order to survive the dysfunction of our original families? Which roles are you most likely to play, even now, as an adult? If you give up those roles, how will you keep yourself safe in our drama-focused, Sensing-majority culture?”

    “What do you know about the wise-woman aspect of who you are? Are you acquainted with your inner-child? How gracefully do those two different parts of you dance together? Does your wise-woman know how to nurture your inner-child? Does your inner-child feel free to energize your wise-woman and inspire her creativity?”

  3. The A of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask, “How resilient are you, when life’s challenges knock you down? Are you open to learning a super-reliable brain-plasticity technique to transform your heart-set and mind-set in an instant, whenever you need to?”

    “Do you have a ‘Perfect Practice?’ Are you fully aware of all the things you currently weave into your life in order to keep yourself on a positive note in body, mind, spirit and emotions? Are there things you’ve thought about including, but resist because they feel like ‘shoulds’ … and you don’t ‘should’ on yourself? Do you just not want to think about a ‘practice’ at all, because it implies committing to activities that feel too regimented?”

  4. The R of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask, “How self-confident are you in the ‘doing’ dimensions of your life? Do you get pulled into ‘doing’ for doing’s sake? Do you know where to look within yourself, when ‘doing’ even one more thing seems like way too much?”

    “Do you consciously make time for ‘becoming’? How comfortable are you with ‘letting go’ when life overpowers you, and allowing yourself some healthy grieving? Do you know how to grieve without drowning in tears of depression? How might you transform loneliness into empowered aloneness? Are you open to the possibility of transforming completely, from the inside out, and then flying as high as your dreams want to take you?”

  5. The K of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask, “How self-directed are you, as the ‘chief-operating officer’ of your complex, multidimensional reality? What boundaries would best protect you in your creative process of ‘becoming’ a fully expressed, iNtuitive-Feeling type woman who thrives in a Sensing-majority world that doesn’t know how to fully appreciate you?

    Are you ready to have a stronger influence over the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and willful dimensions of your life? If profoundly transformative change came into your life, would you welcome it?”

  6. The L of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask, “How purpose-prompted do you dare to be in the ever-changing world in which you live? How aligned are your choices with your core values? What are the deeper values that yearn to have more of your attention? How can you align what matters most to your wise-woman self, with what matter most to your inner-child?”

    “How are your values, as an iNtuitive-Feeling type woman different from the values of the Sensing-majority culture in which you live? How might you strengthen your acceptance of and commitment to the things that really matter to you?”

  7. The E of SPARKLE self-reflection tools ask, “How free are you to live a passion-powered life? Have you ever thought about whether or not you are ‘entitled’ to have such a life? How familiar are you with the six dimensions of power that are common in our Sensing-majority world? Do you know how to navigate confidently through those dimensions?”

    “Why are the things that empower and motivate you so different from those that motive most people? How can you more fully activate, and appropriately express the passion-powered, innovator-creator-transformer-visionary person you truly are?”

How long does it take?

The average completion time for all self reflections is at least 35 weeks of self-paced activity. You are invited to participate in a weekly one hour community call. Other Sparkle time commitments include about a hour per week to complete your weekly Sparkle self reflection. The Sparkle School experience is an in-depth process that is TRULY transformative and can take up to a year to complete. But that’s totally up to you, because this is YOUR process of growth and change!

What are the Sparkle Community Calls all about?

Sparkle Community Conversations are a vital part of the Sparkle curriculum. On the calls Students are broken out into smaller groups to discuss the self reflections they’re currently working on. The break-out groups are generally comprised of 3 to 4 people and are organized, randomly. Each caller shares from her own place in the curriculum. Some women have completed the entire course and started over with a different area of life or focus in mind! And actually, we’ve found that having students at all different points in the curriculum is better for everyone from a learning perspective.

Sparkle Community Conversations are held every Tuesday at 9:00 am pacific, and Thursday at 5:30 pm pacific (and stay tuned, because we have more calls coming soon!)

What Are iNtuitive Conversations?

iNtuitive Conversations are group phone calls that are different from, but supportive of the Sparkle Community Calls that accompany our curriculum.

They are offered every weekday at 2:00 pm Pacific time.

These are eye-opening discussions about the many challenges iNtuitive women face …as we navigate life in a clear majority of Sensing personality types.

As you may know, they are free to anyone interested in exploring what it’s like to be a part of the Sparkle School community of iNtuitive women.

Many Sparkle School members continue to attend these inspiring calls which are included in your membership.

If you are not currently registered for iNtuitive Conversations, you can Register Here.

How much does it cost?

Sparkle School membership subscriptions are $97 per month. Payments are recurring monthly and you will be charged monthly (your exact billing date is unique to your start date). If at any time you’d like to cancel, you can do so through your Sparkle School dashboard, or you can just email us and we will assist you through our simple, respectful opt-out process.

How do I start?

Once you’ve decided to get in on the Sparkle School action, all you need to do is register. This is really exciting!

Why do I need to know if I am ready and why take the readiness quiz?

Sparkle School delivers a five-part learning experience that helps you reclaim what we call your Sparkle Dna. Your Sparkle Dna helps you in all areas of life, as a business owner, as a mom, as a wife, as a friend, as a daughter, and way more!

Because of its depth and intensity, Sparkle School isn’t for everyone, so it’s preceded by a short process of self-discovery that we call, Sparkle Readiness. This process aims to help you decide whether you’re truly ready to begin reconnecting with your unique Sparkle Dna, and uncover who you truly are as an iNtuitive woman.

Our readiness quiz was created as a tool to help you figure out how open you are to new ideas, because there are going to be more than few in Sparkle School that are pretty different from those offered in most personal development programs. They include fresh ideas about how to:

  • Skillfully and consistently manage internal messages of fear and doubt
  • Know and honor yourself much more comprehensively than you ever have
  • Access and utilize your internal resource of iNtuitive creativity
  • Develop a state of being that has you experience life with more consistent ease and grace

If you aren’t ready to explore these possibilities, then Sparkle School might not be the right place for you.

How will I know if I’m ready?

Figuring out if you’re ready or not will come from exploring each resource in the Sparkle Readiness process:

  • Notice whether the Sparkle Readiness Quiz piques your curiosity. If so, that may be a sign that your power of self-reflection is strong enough to support you through Sparkle School.
  • Look back, what was your level of confidence like as you’ve explored Sparkle School thus far? Your mood is an indicator of your readiness to make the kind of self-investing choices that Sparkle School will help you make.

Watch your thoughts as you explore the pages of this website, and you’ll know if you’re ready to enter Sparkle School. Encountering some doubts, or even fears, is totally normal so try not to worry about those right now. The important thing to be asking yourself right now is, “Am I ready to ‘come out’ as a full-blown iNtuitive woman?”

What is Sparkle Dna?

We define Sparkle Dna as a combination of seven basic qualities most people are born with––qualities that are common to all successful women in business, the arts, and life in general. Those qualities are:

  • S – Self-Investing
  • P – Patiently Risk-Ready
  • A – Actively Resilient
  • R – Radiantly Self-Confident
  • K – Keenly Self-Directed
  • L – Lovingly Purpose-Prompted
  • E – Effortlessly Passion Powered

For most iNtuitive women, and through no fault of their own, these qualities get covered up as kids and teenagers by an educational system designed by Sensing types for Sensing types.  This system is far more effective in helping people get and keep a job in our Sensing culture, than it is in cultivating the independent thoughts, choices, and actions, natural to iNtuitive women. The seven Dna qualities, unique to Sparkle School, provide a beacon towards which iNtuitive women are drawn when they desire to be seen, heard, and understood for who they authentically are… maybe for the first time.