About Sparkle School

Sparkle School is

Transformation with a Twist!

It’s about real, live women with an iNtuitive personality preference, being fully seen, heard and understood in a predominantly Sensing-type world.

So what EXACTLY is Sparkle School?
math-problemEven though we call it “school”, Sparkle School is anything but. It’s actually more like un-schooling for grown-ups, and here’s why: As kids, most of us went to schools that were designed by Sensing types for Sensing types. That education conditioned us to hide our true strengths and gifts in order to fit in. In Sparkle School, we want women to uncover their iNtuitive genius and share it boldly with the world. So our curriculum helps us learn to reconnect with all the strengths and qualities we’ve been hiding deep inside.
What are the self reflection tools like?
pencilIn Sparkle School you’ll be downloading and working with self reflection tools, at your own pace. The tools are designed to help you own and express who you truly are as an iNtuitive woman. Each exercise takes about an hour to complete… but, again, this is your experience, so it’s totally up to you how much time you dedicate to your process. To complete all exercises takes about a year. And if you’d like to learn more about the Contributing Philosophies used over the years to develop the amazing Sparkle School curriculum, you can read about it here. Or, check out a sample exercise below.

What about those Community Calls?
phoneIn addition to your exercises, you’re invited to participate in community phone calls. These calls are hosted by phone and led by trained Sparkle School facilitators who provide you with unique content to support you in your process of “becoming”.

On these calls, possibly for the first time in your life, you’ll experience what it’s like to be in a group of all iNtuitives. You may feel at home in a way that you never have before.

Call Times:

Currently we have two calls set up to accommodate most schedules. More call times are coming soon!
Monday @ 5:30p pacific
Tuesday @ 9:00a pacific (Full)
Thursday @ 5:30p pacific
Friday @ 9:00a pacific

So, just to recap:

Your monthly membership includes:

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The Basic S-P-A-R-K-L-E Curriculum

A highly unique self-mastery education that includes up to 50 downloadable exercises designed to be completed at your own pace.

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Community Calls

A weekly phone call to connect with kindred spirits, share experiences of the program and collaborate on exercises.

Sparkle community calls are held:

  • Every Tuesday @ 9:00a pacific
  • Every Thursday @ 5:30p pacific

(And stay tuned, because we have more calls coming soon!)

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iNtuitive Conversations

Your Sparkle School membership entitles you to attend all iNtuitive Conversations calls, which are held at 2:00 pm Pacific, every weekday. These calls provide additional community and social support.

If you are not currently registered for iNtuitive Conversations, you can Register Here.

You will be given a call number and PIN that are different from the ones you use for your Sparkle School call.

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Social Support

Participation in the private Sparkle School facebook learning group

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Members-Only Access

Your unique username and password grants you access to your exercises, community calls scheduler, and lots of other super helpful resources. Awesome, right?

What you’re committing to:

As part of your Sparkle School journey, you’ll want to tune into:
  1. Participate

    sign up sparkleIn a weekly, one-hour community phone call.

  2. Commit

    sign up sparkleTo about an hour per week to complete your sparkle exercise.

  3. Make it yours

    sign up sparkleThe Sparkle School experience is an in-depth process that is truly transformative, and can take up to a year to complete… but the timing is totally up to you, because this is your process of growth and change!

Still have questions?

Sparkle School FAQ

Have questions? We’ve got answers!


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