About Sparkle School

Sparkle School is

Transformation with a Twist!

Sparkle School isn’t about fancy seminars or expensive retreats, and it’s definitely not about famous gurus or cookie-cutter solutions…
It’s about real, live women, taking charge of their real, live lives, from the inside out by breaking through their limiting beliefs, designing purposeful, kick-ass lives, and igniting their authentic sparkle!

So what EXACTLY is Sparkle School?
math-problemEven though we call it “school”, Sparkle School is anything but. It’s actually more like un-schooling for grown-ups, and here’s why: As kids, most of us went to schools that were created to prepare us for the “job-focused” world, no harm there, right? Wrong! That education we got, also silently conditioned us to not question the status quo, not veer off path, and most certainly NOT march to the beat of our own drum. But in Sparkle School, we want all women to uncover that long forgotten sparkle within themselves, to break dance like no one’s watching, and to live a life that looks AND feels amazing inside and out (imagine that!) So our curriculum helps us learn to reconnect with all the stuff “traditional schooling” learned out of us… Stuff like our creativity, invention, imagination, and more!
What are the exercises like?
pencilBeing a student in Sparkle School means you’ll be downloading and taking on weekly “exercises” at your own pace. The exercises incorporate lots of resources designed to help you get to know yourself better, we call these resources maps, tools, and lenses. The exercises take about an hour each to complete… but like we’ve said before, this is your experience, so it’s totally up to you how much time you dedicate each week! The complete Sparkle School curriculum is made up of 35 exercises; we’ve found that it takes students a year or so to complete. And if you’d like to learn more about the Contributing Philosophies used over the years to develop the amazing Sparkle School curriculum, you can read about it here. Or, check out a sample exercise below.

What about those Community Conversations?
phoneIn addition to the weekly exercises, you’re invited to participate in weekly, one-hour, Community Conversations.
Community Conversations are virtually hosted (by phone) and are led by Sparkle facilitators. During these calls our (uhmazing) facilitators will provide you with unique content designed to support you in the process of “becoming”.

Even though you’re “doing” real work, these calls feel more like a chat with friends. During the call we are broken out into small groups where we share our experience of what we’re learning about ourselves in Sparkle School. The calls always provide lots of ah ha’s and insights, and everyone totally supports one another on their own unique journeys of “becoming”!

Call Times:

Currently we have two calls set up to accommodate most schedules. More call times are coming soon!
Tuesday @ 9a pacific
Thursday @ 5:30p pacific

So, just to recap:

Your monthly membership includes:

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The Basic S-P-A-R-K-L-E Curriculum

A series of 5 graduated levels of self-mastery education that includes over 35 downloadable exercises designed to be completed at your own pace.

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Community Conversations

A weekly community conversation to connect with other Sparkle School students, share experiences of the program and collaborate on exercises.

Sparkle community conversations are held:

  • Every Tuesday @ 9a pacific
  • Every Thursday @ 5:30p pacific

(And stay tuned, because we have more calls coming soon!)

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Social Support

Participation in the private Sparkle School facebook learning group

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Members-Only Access

Your unique username and password grants you access to your exercises, community conversations scheduler, exclusive access to our tribe, and lots of other super helpful resources. Sooooo awesome, right?

What you’re committing to:

As part of your Sparkle School journey, you’ll want to tune into:
  1. Participate

    sign up sparkleIn a weekly, one-hour community conversation.

  2. Commit

    sign up sparkleTo about an hour per week to complete your sparkle exercise.

  3. Make it yours

    sign up sparkleThe Sparkle School experience is an in-depth process that is truly transformative, and can take up to a year to complete… but the timing is totally up to you, because this is your process of growth and change!

Still have questions?

Sparkle School FAQ

Have questions? Love that! AND we’ve got answers. We want you to feel totally confident and empowered in your choice to start (or not to start) sparkle school, click the icon above to head to our FAQ page!

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